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FMS Alliance - Artes Marciais - FMS Hapkido para Crianças & Tácticas Anti-Bullying

We understand that as parents we all want our children to have every opportunity to grow into productive and successful members of our society. Values such as honor, integrity, respect, goodness, virtue, duty, loyalty, service, humanity, selflessness and righteousness are not mere words we read in a dictionary but the foundation of a good community.

These are values we aspire to and develop in the course of a good martial art program. Through excellence in leadership and with a clear mission and vision these traits can be gained by any student. Demonstration of these traits by students is the truest measure of a successful martial art program of instruction.

Martial art training can have incredible life changing effects on your child’s growth and development. The positive influences that these effects can have on your child’s life can translate to success, good health and improved community.

FMS Alliance, teach a very blended martial art program which is well suited for children. We also understand well that children are not just little adults. Our Kids instruction program is age appropriate. For instance, It would be inappropriate to teach children choking techniques that we teach to adults.

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Younger children may require an even more basic approach to the technical aspect of the program. Safety is paramount! Your child will learn in a step by step fashion a program that will challenge him/her to be the best he/she can be.

Your child will begin by learning basic falling, punching, kicking, blocking, locking, trapping and essentially escape from grappling. Your child will learn from throughout the program. Children will learn how to defend themselves from grabs, strikes, and weapons.

Your child will learn how to effectively deal with aggressors verbally and if necessary physically. Yes, verbal self-defense is a skill that can be taught. Your child will develop the problem solving ability to think under stress and make appropriate decisions to act suitably to bullies or stranger.





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