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The Contrast between the Traditional and the Modern Warrior.
A Martial Art of Self-Defense, Practical, Explosive and Effective. bandeira_americana
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FMS-CQC (Close Quarter Combat) self-defense program and specialized programs for
civillians (adults & children), police,law enforcement and military

Modern Farang Mu Sul is a University of Martial Arts (Disciplines)

FMS - Close Quarter Combat - self-defense program and specialized program for the civillian, police and military

Standard Programs

Comprehensive - Boxing, Kickboxing, Grappling, Trapping, Joint Locking, Pressure Points, Weapons, Take Downs & Throws, KI Power Development, Mental Power Development, Meditation, Flexibility, and more.

Specialized Programs

Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Instructor and Master Levels

Streamlined - Stand Up Skills - Boxing, Kickboxing, Grappling, Trapping, Joint Locking, Pressure Points, Take Downs & Throws

Streamlined - Ground Fighting Skills - Immobilization, Submission, Incapacitation - Take Downs & Throws, Grappling, Strikes, Trapping, Joint Locking, Pressure Points, Weapons

Streamlined - Weapon Fighting Skills - Modern Knife Combat, Combative Stick Fighting, Firearms

Law Enforcement - Personal Protection - CQC / Close Quarter Combat, CQRC / Close Quarter Restraint & Control

Civillian, Policial and Military Programs

Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Instructor and Master Levels

* Hand to Hand, Arrest & Control, Special Weapons & Tactics Skills for Combat- CQC / Close Quarter Combat, CWT / Combative Weapon Tactics, STK Program / Sulsa Tactics of Kombat

Areas covered:

- CQC - Hand to Hand, Combative Stand Up, Combative Ground Fighting, Arrest & Control

- CQW - Weapons 1 - Non-Firearms (Knife, Machete, Tiger Claw, Middle Stick, Short Stick, Staff & Rope)

- CQW - Weapons 2 - Firearms (Hand Guns, Rifles & Shotgun)

- Mental Power Development - Shin Gong Sul

- Internal Power Development - Ki Gong Sul

- External Power Development - Wae Gong Sul

- Weapon Power Development - Mu Gi Gong Sul

- Footwork Techniques - Bo Bop Sul

- Combative Boxing - Soo Gi Sul

- Combative Kicking - Jok Sul

- Combative Kickboxing - Tae Kwon Sul

- Combative Trapping - Cha Pyo Ta Sul

- Combative Jointlocks - Kwan Jyel Gi Sul

- Combative Pressure Points - Hyel Do Sul - Ji Ahp Sul

- Combative Takedowns & Throws - Tu Gi Sul

- Combative Follow Ups & Finishes - Yu Sum Sul

- Combative Ground Fighting - Hapki Yu Sul

Special Combat Oriented - Streamline Offensive and Defensive Skills Empty Hand Combat- CQC / Close Quarter Combat, CWT

- Joint Breaking - Kong Gyuk Kwan Jyel Gi Sul

- Pressure Points - Kong Gyuk Ji Ahp Sul

-Chokes and Neck Breaks - Kong Gyuk Jo Ru Gi Sul

- Offensive Head Tech - Kong Gyuk Bang Sak Sul

- Defense Wrist Tech - Hoshin Son Mok Sul

- Defense Cloth Tech - Hoshin Oui Bok Sul

- Defense Grab Tech - Hoshin Mom Jap Gi Sul

- Basic Offense / Defense - Kong Gyuk Ki Bon Sul - Hoshin Ki Bon Sul

- Take Downs and Throws - Kong Gyuk Tu Gi Sul

- Defense Take Downs and Throws - Hoshin Bang Tu Gi Sul

- Defense Kicking - Hoshin Jok Bang A Sul

- Defense Chokes and Neck Breaks - Hoshin Jo Ru Gi Sul

- One Arm Defense Tech - Hoshin Wae Son Sul

- Flesh Tearing / Muscle Tearing - Kong Gyuk Too Yuk Sul

- Defense against Knife-Hoshin Dan Gum Sul

- Empty hand gun defense - Kong Soo Chong Bang a Sul

- Defense against Staff and Middle Stick-Hoshin Jang Bong Sul and Hoshin Jung Bong Sul

- Empty hand sword defense or Baseball Bat - Kong Soo Gum Bang a Sul

- Retention and Proctection of our personnal Weapon (middle stick, knife, Hand Gun, Rifle, etc.)

Combative Weapon Tactics

- Dan Gum Sul - Knife Fighting Techniques

- Jung Gum Sul - Machete Fighting Techniques

- Horangi Paltop Gum Sul - Tiger Claw Knife Techniques

- Po Bok Sul - Rope Techniques

- Dan Bong Sul - Short Stick Techniques

- Jung Bong Sul - Middle Stick Techniques

- Jang Bong Sul - Long Staff Techniques

- Jung Bong Yuk Sul - Middle Stick Retention / Attack Reversal Techniques

- Jung Bong Chu Ro Gi Sul - Middle Stick Choking Techniques

- Jung Bong Kwan Jyel Gi Sul - Middle Stick Joint Locking Techniques

- Chong Sul – Firearms tactics



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