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The Contrast between the Traditional and the Modern Warrior.
A Martial Art of Self-Defense, Practical, Explosive and Effective. bandeira_americana
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PBIT- Blended Filipino Boxing & MMA for Street Survival

PBIT (Pinto Blade Impact Tactics) was structured by Master Pinto after 30 years of experience, this Combative Self-Defense System was designed to aid Farang Mu Sul and Kali/Escrima Weapons training.

PBIT will offer you a great workout with lots of sweat and cardio. Boxing pads are a big component of this training to develop accuracy, timing, and power in conjunction with the self-defense drills.

PBIT doesn't have forms, it's just a straightforward program, with a blend of concepts from FMS - MMA/Kickboxing, Filipino Boxing/Cadena de Mano, Hapkido, JKD/Wing Chun and Silat takedowns.

This is not a "SPORT". The effective techniques will tackle aggression with explosivity and power.











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