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The Contrast between the Traditional and the Modern Warrior.
A Martial Art of Self-Defense, Practical, Explosive and Effective. bandeira_americana
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FMS ALLIANCE Martial Arts - Modern FaRang Mu Sul (MMA Self Defense Martial Art)

FaRang Mu Sul (FMS) is a modernized composite martial art system but with very old roots (about 1,500 years old), with a philosophy based on the ancient warriors, the Farang. It exists today as an occidental art with roots that are tied to many countries including the Americas, China, Japan, Thailand, Micronesia but mainly the combat arts from Korea.

This system was founded by Kuk Sa Nim (KSN) Michael De Alba. KSN is a title of extreme respect given to a highly accomplished International Grand Master. His system incorporates many of the martial arts of which he became highly proficient into one comprehensive technical program. These combat arts include 4 classics of Hwarang Do, Hapkido, Do Hap Sul, TKD, Sun Mu Won, Jiujitsu, Kung Fu/Wing Chun, Kenpo, Western Boxing, Muay Thay, Kali and Weaponry.

Farang Mu Sul can be translated a number of ways. Mu Sul literally translates as warrior techniques, martial art or military art. The word "Farang" is very interesting and has several translations such as "Knight" or "Warrior". It also represents the blossom of a flower bringing the beauty of the inside to the outside world. So by extrapolation the term can be translated as the Combat Art of the Noble Warrior.

The art of Farang Mu Sul is more than a way or system. The main focus and purpose of this system lies in its fighting applications. It is a system designed for effective self-defense as well as self-empowerment and character development. Other benefits derived from the practice of FMS include general wellness, fitness, flexibility, strength (mental, physical & spiritual), mental calm under pressure, confidence and proper breath control.

There are many benefits that come from martial arts training. Benefits such as self-confidence, better mental and physical fitness, coordination, self-discipline and self-defense among numerous others. It is the philosophy of this system that all of these are by-products of serious training in a martial art that emphasizes "Self Defense". Therefore, the De Alba System of Modern Farang Mu Sul is meant to translate as "the Modern Warriors Fighting Art".

Why Learn FMS - the Art of the Farang Knights and the Sulsa Warriors (Ancient Korean Special Forces)?

To answer this question you must first understand the founder's philosophy, the five ranges of combat and be prepared for the realities that Murphy's Law or chaos theory may pose.

The philosophy of FMS is placed into action by both taking an honest evaluation of the martial arts, in regards to what is functional in and pertinent to today’s world and by honestly, freely expressing ourselves in the sense of being a True Warrior and all that this entails. This philosophy can and must co-exist within the framework of gritty "Traditional Principles" and modern training as well as progressive thinking. Without loosing sight of where we came from, we owe it to ourselves as well as our predecessors to move forward to the NEXT LEVEL.





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