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December 2016 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

So one more year passed, lots of events, training and evolution in Modern Farang Mu Sul and in especially in the Filipino Martial Arts of Balintawak Cuentada and Original Giron Escrima, etc...
I want to say thank you to my dear wife, family, teachers, friends and dear students with whom I shared amazing moments, this was a good year, step by step building a new life in Spokane.
I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a blessed Happy New Year with lots of Love, Health, Peace and Prosperity in the company of your loved ones.
With my best regards and in Brotherhood
FaRang & Mabuhay ang Eskrima
Nelson Pinto

PS: I will share some extra pics from the trainings in Spokane during from this last 6 months.

Nov. 17-21, 2016: OGE Escrima California Training & FMS Faultline Tournment in Hollister

This time I went down to California, my sister SBN Beth Matulich picked me up and I stayed in her home. In the next day (Friday) we all drove to Vallejo and we visited GM Michael Giron for private training with him and my OGE Brother Jon Mora. Sensei Dennis Duarte (Kajukenbo/Filipino Martial Arts) passed by to say hi, it was nice to see him once again.
Saturday was the FMS Tournament in Hollister, CA, this event was organized by my FM Brother Master Patrick Schleeter. Several FMS Brothers joined to the event and friends from other MA systems (Prof. Hans Ingebretsen, GM Ron Esteller, GGM Carlos Navarro, GM Rubie Navarro, Sensei Jim Staley, GMaster Linda Pulido, etc). Other great day of fun, Vera and I helped with judging the competition.
Sunday morning in Hollister, CA we had a Black Belt training with my FMS teacher GM Michael De Alba, my teacher GM Michael Giron and my OGE Brother Sensei Brian Everett surprised us with a visit in Hollister. Later on in the FMS Black Belt training I had the opportunity to teach Balintawak Cuentada to some FMS Black Belts. I feel really blessed with a great family, friends, brotherhood and teachers. Life is based on memories and experiences, and these ones are some of the best.
With my best regards and in Brotherhood
FaRang & Mabuhay ang Eskrima
Nelson Pinto

Oct. 21-24, 2016: O.G.E Seminar in Spokane, WA w/GM Michael Giron

For the 1st time my Original Giron Escrima teacher, GM Michael Giron visited Spokane, where he taught a 2 days seminar and during these days he taught me privately, what was awesome.
This event was supported and held in the school of my friend Ajarn Roy Harrington - Lotus Academy of Self Defense, Thank You Sir for your friendship and help. On the 2nd day seminar my Portuguese/Hawaiian brother Sensei Dennis Duarte came from California and surprised GM Giron and I with his visit, we were not expecting, it was very nice to have him in Spokane.
On the last day my teacher GM Michael Giron surprised me with a certificate that authorizes me officially to teach OGE Escrima in Spokane, Im very happy with this new responsibility.
I look forward for my next development in this beautiful, effective and combat proved Martial Art.
With my best regards and in Brotherhood
FaRang & Mabuhay ang Eskrima
Nelson Pinto

Sept 2016 GM Bram Franks Seminar in Spokane, WA

This was the 2nd time that I had the opportunity to train very intensive for 3 days in Spokane with GM Bram Frank in his Knife Modular and Bolo curriculum. This event was organized by my Warrior Brother Ajarn Roy Harrington Lotus Self Defense Academy.
GM Bram Frank is a good friend of my teacher GM De Alba for many, many years, since kids in fact. For who dont know GM Bram Frank was one of the top students of the late GM Remy Presas. His skill is impressive joined with his humility and very good character. See you next year Sir.
With my best regards and in Brotherhood
FaRang & Mabuhay ang Eskrima
Nelson Pinto

Aug. 26 thru 28, 2016 Balintawak Seminar w/GM Taboada in Seattle

One more time the annual Balintawak Cuentada seminar was organized in Seattle in the MKG Gym, this event was organized by my teacher Guro John Soriano.
During 2 days GM Taboada taught his art and amazing skills to the youngest generations, with the participation of several Instructors from other US states.
My student Martin and I tested on the 3rd day in the presence of GM Bobby Taboada, a few Full Instructors and in the presence of the special guest, Daitu Kelly Worden. Martin successfully passed to the 3rd Level and me to 4th Level, one more challenge surpassed.
During these days, my student Martin, Guro Jhun Ocidental, Judy Perl and I took the time to visit the gravesite where Bruce Lee and his son Brandon Lee are buried.
With my best regards and in Brotherhood
FaRang & Mabuhay ang Eskrima
Nelson Pinto

August 2016 - Balintawak Cuentada Mini Camp in Spokane, WA

Balintawak Cuentada mini camp in Spokane was a success.
So the plan was having a mini seminar with my brother Inst. Raul Tabile since he was in the area...UNTIL he told me that his brother was coming over...and surprisingly was Guru John Soriano...OMG...the escrimadores crowd vibrated with this amazing SURPRISE. It was Jackpot for both Balintawak my FMS Alliance school and to my brother Ajarn Roy G Harrington - Lotus Self Defense Academy. Thank you all for your support, to my teacher Guru John Soriano and to my brother Inst Tabile, to my student Martin Joubert to host this event in his home and support me, to my Brother Ajarn Roy Harrington to support side a side this Balintawak project with me and to all our students and parents. To finish, congratulations to my students Aaron Law and Nathan for your Testings to Level 1. Many blessings. From my Heart you are Welcome with Respect.

Nelson Pinto

FMS Alliance/ Balintawak Spokane

June 2016 Training with GM Michael De Alba (FMS

So in this month my FMS Sister SBN Beth Matulich and I went to visit our FMS Father, GMaster Michael De Alba in Santa Rosa, CA. Like always its so inspirational to visit him and learn directly from his hands. Thank you to my sister SBN Matulich that is always so available to support me. With much love and in brotherhood.

KJN Nelson Pinto

June 2016 Training with GM Carlito Bonjoc (MSB Eskrima)

One more time KJN Pinto is going to the fountain and learning from the best teachers, this is the only way that any Man can reach a high degree of knowledge and the only way is being humble and keep learning, always a student. This time Guru Chris Callahan joined the private class and assisted GM Bonjoc in his teaching to KJN Nelson Pinto, thank you so much for your help Sir.
Mahubay ang Eskrima.

FMS - Alliance

JUNE 2016 Vallejo, CA Filipino Festival/Stick Fighting Tournament (OGE Escrima)

KJN Pinto travelled to California to participate in the Stick Fighting tournament organized by GM Michael Giron, GM Emilio Bautista and a few others, lots of fun.
During his stay in California, KJN Pinto trained in group classes and private classes with GM Michael Giron and even stayed in his home. This was a super experience to learn more about Original Giron Escrima, but also to understand all history and philosophy of his training and from his father GM Leo Giron. The tournament and all brotherhood was great. GM Michael Giron teach in one of the oldest original Kajukenbo schools of the entire World (since 1968), the School of GM Emil Bautista, so the experience of being there training OGE Escrima was phenomenal. Now will be the time for GM Michael Giron to visit Spokane, WA, Master Pinto is organizing a seminar on October 21st and 22nd and then Master Pinto will visit him for more training in November. Exciting times.
Mahubay ang O.G.E.

FMS - Alliance

2016 1st Balintawak Arnis Cuentada Seminar in Spokane, WA with Guro John Soriano

On April 22nd thru 24th of 2016, Guro John Soriano and his Inst. Raul Tabile (Balintawak Seattle) visited Spokane for the 1st time. These 2 days seminar was very successful. This event was organized by Master Nelson Pinto (FMS-Alliance/Balintawak Spokane) and hosted in the Lotus Self Defense Academy of Ajarn Roy Harrington. The event had the participation of teachers and students from other schools (Goju Ryu, Combat Hapkido, Aikido, Manois EsKrima, Modern Arnis, Kajukenbo and Modern FaRang Mu Sul). By the side of this event KJN Nelson Pinto that is under the supervision of his teacher Guro Soriano had the opportunity to enjoy lots of hours of private training with his students and in the 3rd day several of them tested in Balintawak Cuentada. We welcome the new Spokane graduates: KJN Nelson Pinto to 3rd Level, Martin Joubert to 2nd Level, Evan Joubert, Paul Phillips and Kristina Angerer to 1st Level. This is only the beginning for this humble FMA Balintawak Group. For now, we will be waiting ansious for the next seminar in Seattle with GM Bobby Taboada on August 26 thru 28, 2016. From our Heart, you are Welcome, with Respect.Mahubay ang Eskrima. Mahubay ang Eskrima.
FMS Alliance

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